Welcome to our Preschool Blog

WOW, a new school year has begun again and we are off to a great start! We have enjoyed getting to know all of your children and their different personalities. It is truly a joy watching your child learn & we look forward to seeing them grow and discover new adventures during our school year.
Thank you for entrusting them in our care and giving us the opportunity to make your child's first years of school a stepping stone for a great future!
Ms.Miranda & Ms.Ann

Daily Schedule (All Groups)

Preschool Schedule
 Monday - Friday 8:15-3:05

8:15- 8:25  Arrival - Free Play

8:25- 9:00  Morning Meeting:
                * Attendance
                * Story
                * Music/Movement
                * Calendar

9:00- 9:10   Bathroom

9:10- 9:25    Library

9:25- 9:50  Small Group  Fine Motor Activities

9:50- 10:00  Clean-up-time

10:00-10:20 Snack

10:20- 10:55 Activity

10:55-11:00- Bathroom

11:00-11:35 Recess “Large motor activities’ Outside if nice out

11:35- 11:57 Math

12:05- 12:35 Lunch 

12:35- 1:45  Rest Time   

1:45- 1:55  Put Mats Away/Bathroom 

1:55-2:05   Centers

2:05-2:15   Story time- Free Play

2:15 - 2:30 Large Motor Activities “Gym or Outside if nice out”

2:30- 2:45  Bathroom

2:45- 3:05 Get ready to go /Dismiss

Centers are set up for children to learn while they play. I change my centers every week or every other week to go along with my theme.

This schedule is just an outline. I don’t plan on following it exactly because it is not possible for children at this age. I am very flexible. Just thought you might want an idea of our day.
Ms. Miranda