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WOW, a new school year has begun again and we are off to a great start! We have enjoyed getting to know all of your children and their different personalities. It is truly a joy watching your child learn & we look forward to seeing them grow and discover new adventures during our school year.
Thank you for entrusting them in our care and giving us the opportunity to make your child's first years of school a stepping stone for a great future!
Ms.Miranda & Ms.Ann

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wed/Fri Group - Rhymes, Rice & Rudolph

 Declan & Keira
 Payton & Aubrey
 Bryce, Harper & Delaney
 playing in the rice

Tues/Thurs Group - Letter R - Rhymes, Rudolph, Rice

 working on our number books
 playing in the rice
 dinosaur party
 Landon & Memphis
 Bria & Mikalah enjoying the weather
 Maggie & Brenna
 Landon, Emma & Memphis

Monday Group - December - Green, White, Triangles & #3

 Freetime play
 Blake hammering nails
 Cameron, Corbin & Destiny
 Brock & Corbin painting their crayon book

 Annabelle & Riley

 Playing with some play dough
 Ella & Ricky