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WOW, a new school year has begun again and we are off to a great start! We have enjoyed getting to know all of your children and their different personalities these last 3 weeks. It is truly a joy watching your child learn & we look forward to seeing them grow and discover new adventures during our school year.
Thank you for entrusting them in our care and giving us the opportunity to make your childs' first years of school a stepping stone for a great future!
Ms.Miranda & Ms.Ann

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wed/Fri Group - Letter U & Z - Umbrella's & Zoo

 Kaden & Gracie counting raindrops
 playing in the sensory table
 Chloe, Carter & Braxton
 graphing raindrops

 Tiger Max
 Tiger Luke
 Zebra Trinity
 Kaden & Alexia playing memory
 the zoo animals
Our tiger hats

Tues/Thur Group - Letter Z - Zoo

 Doing our letter "U" sheet
 The wild zoo animals

 checking out the elephant nose

 Sophia & Bryn
 Nicole's giraffe in a zoo
 Brook & Nicole making their zebra puppet
 making our zebra puppets
 making our zebra puppets
 Jamison & Izzy making zebra puppets
 Fun day at the zoo
 Maggie & Sophia

Daxton T

Monday Group - April- Black & Gray, Nursery Rhymes, Oval, #0-5

Sorry for the lack of pictures, some days are just a bit busier!

 Snack time..yum!
 snack time
 snack time
 snack time
Baa Baa Black sheep...all our little lambs!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wed/Fri Group - Letter Y- Yellow

 Morgan making letter Y
 Mason making letter Y
 Kaden making letter Y
 Trinity letter Y
 Reid making letter Y
 Braxton making letter Y
 Luke making letter Y
 Sawyer making letter Y
 puzzle time
 puzzle time
 working in our number books
 working in our number books