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WOW, a new school year has begun again and we are off to a great start! We have enjoyed getting to know all of your children and their different personalities. It is truly a joy watching your child learn & we look forward to seeing them grow and discover new adventures during our school year.
Thank you for entrusting them in our care and giving us the opportunity to make your child's first years of school a stepping stone for a great future!
Ms.Miranda & Ms.Ann

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wed/Fri Group - Wind

 Yellow table blowing
 Red table blowing
 Round table blowing
 Blue table blowing
 Delaney & Bristol
 Sam & Vaeh

 Aubrey & Keira
 Kendall & Aymon

 Devin & Lanston

 Yellow table making wind socks
 Red table making wind socks
 Blue table making wind socks
Round table making wind socks

Tues/Thurs Group - Wind

 Aidan & Chloe blowing boats
 Landen & Chloe blowing boats
 Mikalah blowing a pinwheel
 Blue table seeing what we can blow with our wind

 Lexie & Aidan
 Yellow table blowing things across the table
 Landen & Chloe blowing a feather
 Brenna & Jack
 Brenna & Jack

Mon Group - April - Black & Gray, #0-5

 Lots of zoo animals
 practicing our roars
 free time fun
 locked up in cages
 Tiger/lion mix
 more zoo fun

Wed/Fri Group - Letter Z - Zoo

 Declan & Austin
 putting on a puppet show
 Bristol & Keira
Lottie putting on a show