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WOW, a new school year has begun again and we are off to a great start! We have enjoyed getting to know all of your children and their different personalities. It is truly a joy watching your child learn & we look forward to seeing them grow and discover new adventures during our school year.
Thank you for entrusting them in our care and giving us the opportunity to make your child's first years of school a stepping stone for a great future!
Ms.Miranda & Ms.Ann

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wed/Fri Group- Letter Q- Quilt patterns

 Aymon & Sam making their Qq's
 Austin & Keira working on their Qq's
 Aubrey & Harper working on their Qq's
 Luke making a quilt pattern
 Greta making a quilt pattern
 Vaeh working on her Qq's
 Payton searching for hidden Qq's
 Ari working on his Qq's
 Bristol making a quilt pattern
 Finger painting
 Finger painting
 Finger painting
 Finger painting
 Lanston playing in the sensory table
Devin playing with the legos

Tues/Thurs Group- Letter Q-Quilts Patterns

 Payton & Tanner making their letter Qq's
 Evie working on her Qq's
 Katrina, Memphis & Mikalah
 Landen & Chloe working hard
 Ainsley making a quilt pattern
 Jaida working on her Qq's
 Brenna working on her Qq's
 Maggie making a quilt pattern on her Qq's
Grady's mom, Savana reading to us

Monday Group-January-Purple, Diamond & #4-Week 3

 Casen & Ella grocery shopping
 Grace gluing on #4's
 Haylee gluing on her #4's
Ricky gluing on his #4's

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wed/Fri Group - Letter I - Igloo, Initials & Ice cream

 Declan & Kendall
 Delaney & Devin
 Payton & Bristol
 Aubrey in the tunnel
 Aubrey, Greta & Lanston in the igloo fort
 Harper's mom reading to us
 Declan & Vaeh
 Payton & Delaney
 Devin & Lanston
 Aymon & Aubrey
 Harper & Bryce
 Austin's dad reading to us
 shaking our buckets to make ice cream
 still shaking
 Declan enjoying his ice cream
 Austin & Kendall eating their ice cream up
 Ari likes it!
 Vaeh eating it up
 Delaney & Payton eating their ice cream
 Devin & Lanston seem to like it
 Bristol looks unsure about this stuff.
 Aymon & Aubrey like it
 Lottie & Sam like their ice cream
 Keira liked it
 Bryce & Luke digging in!
Greta & Harper enjoying their ice cream